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About ACE Rubber Products, Inc.

ACE Rubber Products, Inc. began in 1988 under the name Specialty Rubber to be a manufacturer of custom molded elastomatric products.

The founders are experienced rubber molders and mold makers; their careers spanning an excess of fifty years collectively. Their commitment to produce the best product to meet your requirement is the objective of our company.

To this end our employees are selected and trained to become proficient in the tasks required of them. Equipment has been obtained and custom configured to allow their efforts to produce the repeatable and consistent results our customers rely on.

Throughout all of the processes that make a product a success, our driving commitment to our customers' satisfaction can be seen.

Many times we are called on to "reverse engineer" an elastometric product or device. This ranges from balls to wave guide connectors. 

Another area we participate in is original equipment parts. These usually are manufactured from our customer drawings and specifications. We typically will consult with our O.E.M. customers to determine the suitability of elastometers, mold ability of a given geometry, adhesion to metal (if required, and predicted performance prior to going pre-production or prototype.

If you are fortunate enough to own your own mold we will be happy to use it to produce your parts to your requirements, exclusively for you.